10 Easy Steps To Live a Happy Life

Life pulls us from different directions, and we don’t know where to tilt to maximize benefits. In pursuit of chasing money, building a career, and attaining a position, we do something that our consciousness does not allow us to do.

The best way to live a happy life is by engaging yourself in different activities.

It snatches happiness from us. So, what should we do in crisis time? How should we stay positive even when the world has turned upside down for us? Why our brain is wired more toward sadness than positive thoughts?

The answer to all these questions is how we direct our mindset to focus. In the next few lines, we will discuss how to stay afloat with optimism even when pessimism trespasses our minds.

1. Acknowledge your Thoughts

Most of the time, we are in denial, which causes emotional conflict. However, it might become painful or stressful to adjust to various issues in other cases.

It might be a precursor to depression, anxiety, or mental health problems.  Introspect when denial becomes unhealthy and moves past it.

2. Living a Happy Life

We are living in a world with people suffering from more emotional distress than physical disabilities. Their verbal abuse and actions can hurt us more often than we can think of.

The key to staying happy is to grab a book that discusses how to stay enigmatic when life bewilders you with trauma and incidents beyond your control.

3. Stop worrying about Thoughts

Life is uncertain; people come from different nooks and corners and say something to torture your mind. The best way to overcome this habit is to reflect upon yourself and take criticism in stride.

If the thoughts expressed by others are valid, see what you can do to improve, and if it is not, don’t bother to take them by heart.

4. Spend Time with Yourself  to Live a Happy

Some people like to spend time with themselves, and other people think it is a dreadful task, especially for extroverts. They dislike the moment they spend alone and look for various ways to avoid it.

Such people should understand that being alone is not synonymous with being lonely. It is actually a healthy way to start your day.

It will improve your mental health, build a great relationship with yourself, and know how to love yourself despite the many mistakes that you commit.

5. Do What You Love

The best way to stay happy and positive is by engaging yourself in different activities or practicing some hobby.

You can connect yourself with nature to find an abundance of joy or start reading, painting, dancing, writing, or anything you have a keen interest in. Make time for things that you are passionate about.

It will help you connect with yourself and keep mental stress at bay.

6. Do Not Compare Yourself

This mantra we have heard many times, but have you ever reflected on it? One of the key reasons we stay unhappy is when we compare ourselves with others. Stalking your friends on social media may trigger it and lead to disappointment.

The best way to overcome the habit is to remember that every individual has different battles.

Posting glamorous pictures on social media does not mean that they are happy and contented from within.

The idea is not to benchmark their photos to your happiness level.

7. Pamper Yourself

Indulge in something that can bring inner happiness to you. If you are the one, who feels guilty when spending money on yourself,  try to overcome this guilt feeling by creating a budget and by replacing obsolete thoughts with something like that.

”It makes me feel joyous.” Spending on yourself is not a crime. It is a way to be grateful to your body. And at the end of the session, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

8. Be active to Live a Happy Life

Start being active and do regular exercise. Walking releases dopamine, and endorphins, which can make you feel happy.

So, shed off those sedentary ways of living life. If you cannot join the gym or follow a regular exercise routine, stay active throughout the day.

9. Motivate Yourself

A lot has been said about staying away from people who create negative emotions and juggle within us. But what if they are staying with us? Right next to us as our mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, neighbor, etc., nothing has been mentioned about that.

The answer is to create a healthy boundary by saying no. Don’t let them enter your space or mind in the form of thoughts. Even if they try to dominate you with their words or actions, don’t pay heed to it.

Do what your mind and heart say. Your gut instincts can’t be wrong.

10. Be grateful to be Happy

Since we are human, we can’t deny that sadness can sometimes overwhelm us, making us feel subdued and anxious.

However, the result should not be hopelessness. In such times, think about things or prepare a list you are grateful for and truly appreciate. Remind yourself of whatever you have.


All these points may sound very typical, but these are the best ways to stay happy. If nothing works for you, go to a park or take a ride on a cycle or do something that brings you

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