Meaning of Hopeless Romantic and Signs You Might Be the One

Hopeless Romantic people live under a false illusion and consider love differently. For them, being in love means giving more and getting less; their spark bursts out soon and fades away quickly. They do not believe in ground reality and seek fairy tale romance from their partners. Such relationships do not last long, but despite the heartbreak and pain, they keep on searching for their soulmate to match their potential. 

Let’s discover the telltale signals of hopelessly romantic people and check if that describes you.

hopeless romantic


A hopeless romantic is often a daydreamer. They see the world as an iconic place and believe that their soulmate exists somewhere.

They are very caring and understand even their partner’s unspoken words and wear their hearts on their sleeves. However, they need to maintain a striking balance to stay afloat in their relationships.

They Get Immersed in Relationships               

Such people love everything about their partner. To maintain harmony, they even try to resonate with their partner’s mindset. They are sweet and enjoy spending time and doing nice things with their partner. On the flip side, being immersed with someone who doesn’t love you might jeopardize your relationship with yourself. 

They Believe in Big Love Stories

The cinematic world has metamorphosed half of the population and has strengthened their belief in the dreary concept of hopeless romance. Such people make a big deal about love and are generous enough to give their partner and shower affection ruthlessly. They believe in big love stories and try to be the star in their partner’s eyes. However, the illusion breaks through when your love does not return.

Being Emotional

Love plugs in many emotions and strips our vulnerabilities. Hopelessly romantic people are overly emotional and possessive about their partners. They love their partner with wholeness without observing their behavior. They invest a lot in the relationship and like to spend time with them rather than scrolling on social media pages. However, you should remember that everyone will not be able to reciprocate with the same intensity.

They Care a Lot

Hopeless Romantic people cherish memories with their loved ones and even make simple romantic movements into larger-than-life. They can cuddle you for hours and hours and love to cook food or share their hobbies. However, being too committed in a relationship can dampen your overall well-being if the energies are not reciprocated.

Intense Emotions

While the word is apparently very expressive and beautiful, but such people experience it with a lot more intensity. They try to make their mate’s journey comfortable and exciting, even at the risk of theirs.

They weave out perfect fairy tales even when nothing exists because they are well aware about what it takes to build a relationship and do everything to keep it that way.

Extremely Persuasive

Be it men or women, hopeless romantics are extremely persuasive. They are bold in their expression and expect others to be. They will make all the big gestures to make your loved one feel extremely special. There will be no moment in your life when you won’t know how much they love you. 

Are Always There For You

Hopeless Romantic people have experienced everything in extremities and know the power of lending ears to someone; hence they will make an effort to see and listen to you as often as they can. They sincerely take care of their partners and their wants and demands. Because they are in love with the idea of love. So, you can expect a lot of emotions, unexpected surprises, romantic gestures and personalized gifts.

They will Fiercely Try to Protect

Their realm of love is different from that of people like you and me. They will put their partners on a pedestal and fiercely try to protect them. They will fight until their last breath to make you happy and never give up on you.

Few Long-Term Relationships

Even after giving so much to their loved ones, they have very few long-term relationships because not everyone idolizes their concept of love. They have impossible standards, and very few can catch off to their threshold. 

What Should You Do If You are Hopelessly Romantic?

Dotted by love, emotions, and vulnerabilities, you may feel choked when the relationship does not similarly reciprocate. The first solution could be-

Date with Homozygous/ Identical personality

When two hopeless romantics are dating, chances are that the relationship will work much better because you both understand each other’s feelings from the inside out.

Stay Grounded

Be mindful of whom you are dating. Remove those tinted glasses. Your illusions may make you feel secure, but they are not reality. The more realistic a vision you create, the better relationships you can build.

Keep your vulnerabilities at bay

Every partner has different perspectives, and they might not be able to understand the emotional roller coaster ride that you have to go through. They might even hit you hard with their unspoken actions or harsh words. In such cases, don’t lose hope or feel vulnerable.

Drift Them Apart

There are many symptoms and telltale signals that show you are begging for love. So, do not let those overwhelming feelings punch you hard. Get away from those relationships to maintain your sanity.

Seek Counseling

If nothing else works, seek counselling from the experts. They will understand your sinking feeling and might suggest innovative ways to cope.

Bottom Line- Embrace Yourself

Being a hopeless romantic is not a crime. It’s a positive trait to give everyone more than they deserve, but don’t compromise your worth for it. If your ex does not care for you, don’t take it as a setback. You are amazing and are trying to bring something beautiful to the world that people can’t withstand. Be bold, and set your standards high!

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