Signs An Aries Woman Misses You & It’s Red Flags

Our zodiac signs describe our traits in general. It gives us a peek-a-boo at what you can expect. Aries woman is known for its romantic and dominating nature. Most of the time their exterior is not in sync with interiors, read this post to find out whether an Arian woman misses you.

How Do You Know Aries Woman Misses You?

Aries woman longs for you if she does something against her dominant characteristics. So, what are her real traits; come let’s find out.

Aries Woman Personality

Aries woman is responsible. She is a refined lady that shows up respect to everyone she encounters.

She is a born leader and might sometimes dominate you with her actions, but she also takes great pains to understand you as a person and do everything to make you feel comfortable.

They dote on familial relationships, and their deepest cause of concern is the fear of failure.

As a partner, you have to nurture them and give them much-coveted space so that she does feel insecure.  Now that you know a little about Aries woman’s personality, based on that, let’s unfurl the signs that indicate an Aries woman misses you a lot.

Signs An Aries woman Misses You & Red Flags!

1. She Starts Appearing Slow

One of Aries woman’s dominant characteristics is being fiery, a born leader, always energetic, and never bowing down to failure.

Women Attention
she will try to seek your attention

But suddenly, if you notice the changes in her demeanor, like she appears to be in a slow mode, thinking, and rather than taking a full steam approach, she starts behaving cautiously, it is an indicator that she is missing you.

She might appear clever on the outside but has a big heart to spare.

2. If She Starts Following Your Advice

Aries woman is dominated by fire signs and is known for her impeccable style.

Despite being highly independent and outgoing, she displays naive signs that might make you believe she is missing you like she starts to follow style as advised by you or keeps your thoughts in mind before making a decision.

3. She Will Try To Seek Your Attention

If an Aries woman is attracted to you and misses you then,

  • she will try to validate her feelings by asking for your attention.
  • Like, she will pop up to you often asking for your help.
  • or she might send you random texts to you.

4. She Keeps You On The Pedestal

Many characteristics of Aries women prove she is inherently assertive, but if she finds a real man within you, she likes to keep you on the pedestal.

The romantic relationship will be sweet, devoid of drama. So, if you think the woman has started prioritizing you, that means she likes and misses you.

5. She Talks To Your Friends To Know More About You

Aries women are not someone you can mess with. She has great knowledge before dealing with anyone.

So, if the woman has started texting your pals randomly or interrogating you, she is missing you extensively.

The reason is Aries woman is competitive, and they need to know everything before closing the deal.

6. She Becomes Intolerant If You Are Talking To Other Women

Aries is a no-nonsense woman; she is impatient and does not tolerate infidelity.

Hence, if you are talking to another woman, she might bump into the conversation and might make you feel awkward. But that also means that she loves you secretly.

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7. She Will Sometimes Lash At You To Get Attention

If an Aries woman is attracted to or misses you, she might get on your nerves and bother and annoy you often.

It might be a painful situation for you. But the good news is that she misses you, and she cannot take her mind off you.

8. She Starts Spending Time With You

The major trait of Aries woman is she always likes to stay preoccupied with her work. But in the midst of it, she is taking time for you and is trying to linger with you. It is usually a signal that she misses you.

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9. Arian Woman is Missing You If You Often See Her Re-reading Your Texts

If you are dating an Aries woman, you might notice that she re-reads the old texts and conversations between you.

She will read the conversation that brought endless laughter, repost the pictures of those special moments, etc. The reason is she misses you and cherishes those memories.

10. She Might Make It Obvious that she is missing you

Aries woman is not an introvert or coward by heart. She might even speak aloud about her feelings if she is into or misses you.

It might sound like an embarrassing situation to you, especially if you are not prepared, but the good thing is that the spark has already ignited in her mind.

11. She Might Behave Reckless With You

You might count it as a negative trait of an Aries woman, but she trusts deeply and tests your patience to see if you are fit for her. It is actually a sign that Aries woman misses you.

12. Her Friends Make It Expressly Clear

Suppose her friend clarifies that she is into you and is missing you. It shows the relationship is about to fly.

Red Flags If You Are Dating Aries Woman

1. Be Cautious

Aries woman is dominant and might try to control you in the relationship. To make matters, in the beginning, she might also try to compete with you since she has refined taste and will not succumb easily to anyone in a relationship.

Hence, the best remedy is to assert yourself and be peculiar about your wants because you never know when she will walk over you.

She wants someone who is equal and who she cannot control.

2. She Might Look Selfish

Another trait you might encounter is that she may appear very selfish often; it might be a big turn-off for you.

But in reality, she is keeping herself well-guarded so that she does not fall in love with a personality she does not resonate with.


Aries woman is vibrant, energetic, overzealous, and enthusiastic, with a Fire sign on her crown.

  • She is not someone to whom you can fool too.
  • She is meticulous, impatient, and knows how to express herself.

These are signs an arise woman misses you & it’s red flags.

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