9 Signs A Guarded Woman Is Falling In Love: Don’t Miss

“Signs A Guarded Woman Is Falling In Love”

A “guarded woman” is enclosed with so many secrets that she often fails to tell you that she has already fallen for you.

But some visible signs speak aloud about her feeling, coming directly from her heart to you.

But before that, let’s tell how she differs from the woman next door.

How Does She Differ From A Common Woman?

The conventional woman is dominant over her husband —

  • She tries to please him in several ways and keeps her demands bravely.
  • She will spit out the household secrets and never hesitate to ask for help.

On the other hand, a well-guarded woman will not disclose her secrets to anybody —

  • She has to be truly comfortable before expressing her opinion.
  • She never demands; if she feels unlikely, she steps back rather than quarreling.

9 Signs A Guarded Woman Is Falling In Love

Finding out whether such a woman loves you is a challenge — so here we tell you certain signs that a guarded woman is falling in love that disclose her love for you. Do watch out!

1. She Constantly Gushes Her Opinions Without Even Being Asked

An introverted woman tends not to speak unless otherwise asked for. But if your lady is speaking a lot and randomly without much thought or filters, the chances are that she has fallen in love with you.

Moreover, as per the woman’s psychology — when she is happy, she talks a lot; when she is sad, she chews her words and stays mum.

So, if your girl has started chatting a lot with you, it is a signal that the bond is strengthening.

2. She Starts Disclosing Her Secrets

A well-guarded woman does not disclose secrets more often. She keeps it in her heart.

So, even if, after pushing hard, she does not entertain you with her details, it signals not to pursue her further because she is largely opinionated and will not permit you to look into her inner self unless you deserve it.

3. She Gives You Signals

A well-guarded woman often finds it difficult to express her opinions.

Even when she has to say many words, she will punctuate them with close-ended answers or expressions that might seem confusing.

If she suddenly starts sending you signals as she watches you constantly, tags you in her post, touches you, passes a gentle smile, or just winks her eyes.

Smiling Women with boy

It is an open letter of love. You have to pay attention to her, and the love will emerge.

4. She Asks You For A Date

What makes such a woman unique is she won’t demand much from you and might not even ask for a get-together unless she feels a need.

So, if the woman has opened up to you and asked you for a date, consider it half the battle, woman, because once you enter her heart, there is no looking back. She will love you infinitely; that’s a promise.

5. She Introduces You To Her Friends And Family

Consider yourself lucky if such a woman starts introducing you to friends and family because she never does it otherwise.

Her love and friendship are restrained to specific people, and she does not believe in PDA. So, it is a sign she often throws to express her love for you.

6. She Starts To Trust You

Remember, she is a hard nut to crack. You can’t gain her trust just by mumbling words such as –  “I love you”, “I miss you”,

Or “You have been running in my mind”, “gifting a bouquet”, or “calling her numerous times a day”.

She is a brave woman who might have been offended often, and that’s why now she has constructed walls around her heart which might seem difficult to enter in, and hence she won’t trust you blindly.

That said, she might not need evidence to support your conversation.

Rather she will look at your actions like how you treat her when you are with her, along with friends, with family, and if you pass all these tests — she will develop a great trust in you.

And once developed, we forewarn you not to break it because she emerges into one strong woman who never ceases to make strong decisions.

7. She Takes The Initiative For You

A well-guarded woman is emotionally distant and won’t take the initiative for you.

You might invite her to social gatherings or parties, but she is not a bee to fool around.

She might not even make a dance move unless you make her feel comfortable.

So, if suddenly she has started taking small initiatives for you,

Like planning a birthday party or speaking well about you when someone is thrashing you hard, considers you have created a close connection with her above the normal friendship.

8. She Goes Out Of Her Skin To Please You

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These women have built a certain aura around her, making it difficult to do things other women can do easily like she is not confident to text you or hug you at a public place or even hold a hand.

So, if your friend is going out of her character to please you or to attract you, she is doing it by heart and because of the connection that you have started developing.

Ensure to strengthen the bond because these bonds are everlasting.

9. Her Body Language Speaks

An introvert has different body signals that are easy to predict.

For example, they will limit their conversations with a nod, closed hands, keep moving their eyeballs, etc, if a well-guarded woman has started showing the opposite of these signs.

She has started talking to you confidently, raises her voice when needed, demands your attention, and lets you enter into her personal space by telling you how much she needs you. It is a sign that she has fallen in love with you.

Bottom Line

A well-guarded woman has faced different facets of life.

  • She might have undergone trauma.
  • She has to withstand situations that were not meant for her.
  • or it lies in her personality;

whatever the reason is, falling in love with her is like trekking on a mountain range, but she will express herself if you stay consistent and persistent.

She is a bud that can blossom your garden with happiness, but in the meanwhile, always remember she trusted you more than anybody else, so don’t be a cheap stake to break it.

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