Discover The Signs He Hates You But Loves You

The statement might sound confusing, Signs that he hates you but loves you, but we all have experienced such relations, haven’t we?

If not, the post will remind you of at least one relationship that has been dear to your heart but your mind has different thoughts to vouch upon. Let’s unlock one more relationship riddle that tells you how complex the human mind is.

These are signs that he hates you but loves you!

His words and actions are different

Though it’s self-explanatory, let’s give you a real-life scoop for a better understanding.

A couple started dating each other through an online matrimonial site. Within a few months, they decided to marry each other and got their parents’ approval. 

Things went smoothly until one day, the wife realized that her husband had a strong affinity towards his colleague.

And when the wife questioned his husband, he denied all the allegations and swore his love for her, but soon, he started dating that colleague again. 

The truth bomb dropped on the wife again, but this time, she was determined and confident, so she called his girlfriend, but she did not respond, and within a few days, she filed for a divorce.

It is a classic case of being indifferent to your partner and a sign that he loves you but hates you.

He is negligent towards the task assigned by you.

A partner who loves you wholeheartedly will always prioritize you and your tasks, so if your partner forgets your tasks often but soon apologizes for it or gives you an excuse for changing his mind. It shows that he hates and loves you or may never have cared for you.

He loves fighting with you

Arguments do happen in a relationship, but sometimes it, takes a different discourse;

For example:

He constantly keeps picking on faults and goes on fighting to a great extent, and after a few minutes, he tries to sort things out, which happens occasionally.  It suggests he loves you but can’t resist fighting with you.

You can recognize the vibes

Your intuitions and inner voice do not fool you. These vibes express the personality of the person more than his presence.

If you feel uncomfortable in his presence even when he expresses love to you, it shows the distance or mixed feelings of love/hate.

Your loved ones are always worried about you

If you are in a love-hate relationship, your close friends, family, and acquaintances will be worried about your well-being.

It could be because your boyfriend might not be treating you right, or he is giving you mixed signals of being in love and being at a distance.

If this is what is happening to the relationship, it indicates a toxic relationship. You should pay attention to these subtle signals; otherwise, they may land you in danger.

You feel emotional detachment

If you love someone dearly, their presence will make you feel overwhelmed.

However, on the other hand, if someone is confused about the relationship, he will give you mixed signals, like that of emotional detachment, and you will stay perplexed about your relationship status.

All these are red flags in the relationship to watch out for.

Constant Conflicts

When two people meet and try to get to know each other, everything feels smooth and seamless. It is when the attraction romance phase begins.

As the couple starts to know each other a little more, they notice their behaviors and explore more about their friends and families.

That is when it becomes difficult to adjust, and the conflict cycle begins; that’s the starting point of the love-hate cycle.

You will feel a sense of neglect

If you feel the guy is neglecting you, is not spending quality time with you, or does not show you the physical affection that you crave, instead keeps on arguing with you on trivial matters and makes you feel unloved, but after a few more minutes he starts indulging with you;

It is an indicator that something is wrong with the relationship or it may be sign that he hates but loves you.


Being in love and carrying forward that love are two different aspects. The constant arguments might suppress your feelings and lower your trust in him, but these can signal that he hates you but loves you.

Whatever the case is, if you are fond of the relationship, strengthen it with communication, affection, and appreciation. 

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