15 Signs Your Ex Never Cared About You

We all have some past that we like to forget, but sooner or later it comes in front of us in the form of thoughts, thinking, reflections etc. In this article we will explore some signs that your ex never cared about you.

Before letting them disaster your mind. Here are signs you should reflect upon. And if any of these signals are positive stop and don’t dig into the past.

15 Signs Your Ex Never Cared About You!

1. If You Had To Push Him Hard For The Relationship

Some people often give so much in a relationship that they neglect where they are heading.

Remember if your partner was a hard nut to crack and you had to push him to make the relationship thrive. It is a clear-cut indicator he never cared about you in the beginning.

2. If Your Opinions Don’t Matter To Him

If your opinions don't matter to him
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Carrying your opinions on your sleeves; is a sign of confidence, and if someone condemns you for it or fails to give ears to it.

It is a sure-shot sign he is not into you, and there is no need to regret it even if he leaves you.

3. If They Criticized You Often

Criticism negates the person’s confidence and disassociates them from happiness.

So, if your partner always criticizes you for trivial matters including; what you wear and how you act. It is a sign he wants to get rid of you.

Always remember, “Loving someone who doesn’t love you is like holding a cactus, the tighter you hold the more it hurts.”

4. If They Are Constantly Jealous Of You

A relationship elevates your happiness and makes you love yourself a little more.

But if you feel the reverse of it or if you think that your ex-partner is jealous of you or your talents or possessions or they feel insecure. It is prudent that the relationship will not go far and your ex never cared for you.

5. If Your Partner Feels He Is Superior To You

We all desire to be in a relationship, but if your partner believes that you have no talent or he has an air of supremacy or feels he is above all. It is nothing but narcissism, and such a relationship should die.

6. They Lack Boundaries

Boundaries and personal space make us feel protected. If your ex tries to peek into or disregard your boundaries, you should bid farewell to them.

7. If He Doesn’t Let You Grow

Growth is an essential part of everyone’s lives. We all want to grow and do something different.

If your ex doesn’t motivate you or constantly pulls you from goals that make your life worthwhile. It is a sign of insecurity, and such relationships need not be treasured in life.

8. You Feel A Lack Of Understanding

The lack of understanding impedes the relationship and lets the third person navigate it.

If you think your partner doesn’t understand your feelings or you pause while speaking to them. The relationship is not responsive, and your ex never cared for you.

9. If Your Ex Is Only Interested In Sharing The Bed With You

Some relationships come with a purpose, and if you feel your ex only wanted to dig in some good moments with you and rest, you feel incompatible or unstable.

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It indicates your ex didn’t care for you, and the relationship was soon to fade away.

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10. If You Feel Distant

The closest relationships are not pauper of words. They are neither subjective nor objective. You don’t need words to explain the same.

However, if you have ever felt distance from your ex, even if he was sitting beside you. It was an indicator that the relationship was about to fall apart.

11. When You Feel Something Is Amiss

The relationship dies its death when you don’t feel intimacy within it.

If you have ever felt that even after having everything, the relationship is heading nowhere, the sign is clear cut your ex never cared for you.

12. They Forget The Small Things

We all love someone who remembers our small things, pays attention to us, and gives us back the love we have always desired.

Suppose your ex forgets the small things like your favorite color or coffee. It is for sure that your ex never cared for you.

13. If They Cheat You

If they cheats you
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If your ex does not have a fruitful relationship with you or tries to cheat in any way or manipulate you, it is an indicator that he doesn’t want to continue the relationship with you.

14. He Triggers You Emotively

There are some things that we all want to wane away from our memories.

Be it an unfortunate incident or the death of your loved one, and if your ex tries to trigger it off often, it signifies he doesn’t care for you, and the relationship will turn sour in the future.

15. If You Are Not Part Of His Dreams

A person who loves you will make you part of their dreams, but if you feel a lack of commitment or insecurity, all these are signs that they didn’t value the relationship as you did.

Wrapping It Up

If your mind is teeming up with nostalgic moments, don’t choke yourself because some relationships come to teach you a brutal lesson, and it was the same.

Since you have learned the lesson you need to move ahead in the future because love does not let you trim your wings; rather, it opens up your wings and lets you soar high above in the sky where illusions meet reality.

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