Discover the ways on how To Annoy a Jealous Person?

Thinking about how to annoy a jealous person? Well, it is a cakewalk because minor pranks can hit him hard and let them lose their cool. Their temperament can make them lose their friendship and leave them solitary confinement.

So, if you have any such person jealous of your accomplishments or looks, you can easily irritate that person without speaking.

In this post — we have gathered the best ways to make people jealous and a bit more envious of you.

How to Annoy a Jealous Person: Strategies

Do The Things That Instigate Jealous Behavior In Them

Jealous people are often found whining about the achievements of others.

For example — “if people are jealous of you because your ranks are better than theirs, practice more hard and let the numbers speak for you”.

Stay Cool to annoy a jealous person

Another way to make a man jealous is to keep your priorities straight. Don’t lose your temper over them because they are standstill people who don’t know any other emotions.

Try hard to achieve your goal and let them be a mute spectator.

Acknowledge Others In Front Of Them

Acknowledge the achievements or praise others in front of them. It will trigger their insecurities and make them feel low in confidence.

That’s a simple trick to making a man jealous of you. Even a simple compliment will shake them because they believe in hogging the limelight. 

Flirt With Others

Flirt with others
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What makes a man envious?

Generally, a man is possessive about their woman and don’t want her to indulge in conversations with every other man that comes by.

Hence, it is a gold-digging opportunity for women. She can converse with her friend or a stranger to garner his attention back in her life. 

Add Posts On Social Media to invoke resentment in the jealous person

Social media has become an index of happiness scores. We all judge other people by their vacations, the shutterbugs they post, and the food they consume.

Those so-called happy moments would make the haters feel sad and will get them nervous.

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Make Them Feel That Everything In Your Life Is Perfect

The resentful people can be spotlighted from the other end quickly and you can add to their woes by making them feel that everything about your life is perfect.

You can glamorize even the minute achievements, be grateful for what life has bestowed on you, or maintain a lifestyle that makes others feel unsatisfying, and find a hobby that separates you from them. It will ruin their day.

Do What They Do  Especially If You Are A Master Of It

The green-eyed monster will again become jealous of you if you can do something they are inclined to in a specialized way.

It will give you the confidence to reach your goal and tamper with their inside out.

Make Friends With Them

Make Friends With Them
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We all know a jealous friend can be a dangerous enemy and can backstab you anytime.

Hence, here we are not recommending you to be their loving friend. But you can pretend to be good to them; that act will scale up their bad attitude and might leave you in peace.

Make Friends With Their Acquaintances to annoy a jealous person

That begrudging guy’s emotions might take turmoil if you go on and make friends with their acquaintances.

They will think you are stealing their friends from them, and seeing you in their group can be very frustrating.

The cherry on the cake will be if you can turn their friends against him or if their friends themselves speak badly about him publicly. 

Ruin Their Image

Another surefire way to add velocity to his jealousy is to ruin their image by talking ill about them or campaigning and spreading thoughts that sync well with his behavior but should not be discussed openly.

It is equivalent to gossip and might also translate to ruining your image.  

Do Not Let Them Control You

The behavior of a jealous person talks a lot about his vices. He might try to dominate you with their peculiar behavior or find mistakes in you to prove who is a controller.

In such cases, don’t trigger your emotions; let them be in their seat and find ways to turn the table upside down.

You can control them by showing off yourself or staying mum even when they are trying to keep your reputation at stake. It will leave them with a feeling of mental disturbance, which will last for several years.

Show Them With Your Actions

When someone is irritated about your happiness, give them more reasons to feel so. Show them that once they say it is impossible for you. It will be the most significant blow on their face and a pinch in their heart.

Give Yourself A Break

Even though an annoying person deserves unfair treatment because they are a hazard to society and might inject toxicity into your life, but don’t get carried off with the animosity feelings.

Let your feelings rest; it could be the biggest revenge “nemesis”. 

You might think people are jealous of me because of my appearance or other distinguishing features, but sometimes, these people suffer from disorders or have narcissistic personality disorder. 

Such persons lack empathy and have no regard for others. Their selfish behavior might annoy others, and they will throw tantrums to show their anger. But it is a disorder or a defense mechanism to prove their point.

The best antidote is to find a counselor and seek therapy, or don’t bow down to their level; maintain a distance from them.

Hope you have understood the signs of a jealous person and strategies how to call them off!


Sometimes, silence can ruin the relationship, and there is a need to sabotage the annoying person the way they do. Unless they taste their medicine, they won’t get down on their feet.

Hence, these points could rescue you. Remember, when someone is jealous of your happiness, it is reflected in their actions, but don’t stoop down their level, find out the true cause for it and address the same.


Do Narcissists Feel Jealous?

Narcissism personality disorder is a mental disorder that requires medical help. These people believe themselves superior to others; hence, jealousy is embedded within them.

Why Are People Jealous Of Other Lives?

Their significant achievements, how they handle pressure or obstacles, and their non-complaining habit make people jealous of you. 

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