15 Definite Signs A Priest Is Attracted To You

A priest is a holy figure always looked upon. He is considered a deity and almost a replacement for God. But we forget unlike us he is a human. He has his share of attractions and desirability

The article illustrates the signs that the priest is attracted to you.

Let’s have a look!

1. He Is Putting A Lot Of Emotional Labor Into You it is a definite sign priest is attracted to you

Emotional Labour means emotional or mental work that anyone is putting in to maintain the relationship.

If the priest is actively listening to you, or showing empathy, or emotional support that means he is attracted to you.

2. He Might Ask You For Consent But Sometimes Ignore Personal Boundaries

Consent and personal boundaries are crucial but if someone loves you dearly or is attracted to you;

He might ignore the personal boundaries and ask certain intimate questions that might leave you surprised.

3. He Behaves Differently With You

If you find the priest is being rigid with someone but when it comes to you he melts his behavior and stereotypical nature and becomes emotionally open that means he is searching for an authentic connection with you.

4. He Asks Your Opinion On Various Matters

Most men are guilty of mansplaining, which means they tend to explain things to women in a patronizing manner thinking they have less knowledge about the subject.

However, the priest does the opposite. He seeks your opinions, gives regard to your expressions, and never belittles you even if you are unaware of the subject. This shows the priest is attracted to you.

5. He Tries To Meet You Secretly

If he tries to hide the conversations that he has with you, then it is a sign of an emotional affair.

Keeping secrets about the relationship is identified as an emotional attachment that goes beyond platonic friendship and explicitly indicates priest is attracted to you.

6. They Share Intimate Details With You

A priest is truly attracted to you and is having a deep affair if he is sharing intimate details about your life with you. It is generally reserved for a partner.

7. If He Gets Excited When He Sees You

If the priest starts seeking emotional support from you or is looking forward to companionship or fulfillment like a partner he may be eyeing you.

He might feel excited to hear your name or when you sit close to him or interact with him.

All these are the signs of a deep bond that he wants to share with you.

8. He Starts Speaking A Lot In Front Of You

As a priest, he might have mastered the art of staying quiet and be in resilience.

On the other hand, if he admonishes the typical behavior expected out of him and starts speaking a lot through conversations, text messages, calls, etc.

Priest is attracted to you

It is a warning signal and this also means that he is prioritizing you over others and wants to spend quality time with you.

9. Withdrawal

If the priest is lovey-dovey with you; he might create emotional distance with others and it is visible with the naked eye.

He will become more engaged or invested with you and experience a decline in intimacy with near and dear ones.

You are always in your thoughts and his fantasies circle you; causing detachment from others.

10. If You Start Becoming Guilty Of Interactions With Him

If you feel that you are talking with him a lot of the interactions have reached beyond the societal norms; it is a clear sign of emotional attachment and deep connection.

11. His Body Posture Tells A Lot

If the priest is attracted to you he will

  • Lean forward: Leaning forward indicates active engagement and interest. If the priest leans forward to listen to you he is being attentive to your thoughts, curious and invested. He is prioritizing the bond and connection that you share by actively participating in the interactions.
  • If he is sits too close and is trying to touch you: If the priest sits close to you and gravitates towards the physical touch, he has a strong desire for intimacy and is trying to be affectionate or warm to you. However, if you don’t want him to go further, we advise you to maintain personal boundaries so that both of you stay comfortable.
  • He is proactive: Another body gesture that points he has certain feelings for you is he tries to be proactive and starts taking responsibility on behalf of you irrespective of the external circumstances.

12. He Organizes Activities Centered Around You

If the priest likes you or is attracted to you; he might organize various activities that make you sit at a pivotal.

13. He Will Always Try To Help You

Priest will always try to help you

Another signal that shows the priest has a feeling for you is he will try to help you in more than ordinary ways.

You can count on him for anything and he will always try to do as expected. He is never scared of helping you out of the maze. It is a definite sign that priest is attracted to you.

14. His Confession

“You are my safe place, my sanctuary, and my home, I love you more than words can express.”

If he has made such confessions that show the priest is emotionally invested with you.

15. He Will Be Your Confidant

Another sign that you can’t get amiss is he will be your confidante. With him, your secrets will be well guarded and you can be assured that he will offer you nothing but the best.

The final nail in the coffin is his focus on you would be great and he will try to invest his time in activities that you prefer and will help you to become a better being.

He will teach you spiritual lessons and guide you about self-care and how to sharpen the saw to maintain a high level of effectiveness.

Bottom Line

Don’t think spirituality intimidates the person’s love. If it is true, it shows up and these are some of the signs that show a heightened inclination of priests’ interest towards you.

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