Discover Signs He is Slowly Falling For You

Love blossoms when two hearts meet, and if one is falling in for you, it will be revealed with their gestures. Here are some signs that show that he is slowly falling for you.

15 Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You!

If you are trying to come to a conclusion if he is a man who soon wants to jump into a relationship with you;

Here, are some definite signals that will air off your doubts and help you make a wise decision.

1. He Makes You a Priority

It’s always good to take time out of your busy schedule and listen to others, but if it is forceful, it feels like an obligation, and somewhere it starts bothering us.

However; if he takes time from his schedule, no matter how challenging it is, and talks to you on the phone or tries to arrange a meeting with you.

It indicates that he is willing to make you a part of his life, and it is a signal that he has fallen for you.

2. He Starts Adjusting His Choices For You

Whether in public or private, he will make small gestures to appreciate and show you how much he cares for you.

Simple gestures like adjusting his taste buds to your favourite delicacies to your weekend party or movie choices indicate that he loves you.

3. Would Like To Meet Your Friends

If he has fallen for you, he will be eager to meet your friends and family and want to introduce you to his family too. It also indicates that he wants to marry you.

4. He Asks Your Opinion

From taking sartorial fashion choices to dinner options to career alternatives to financials, your opinion matters a lot to him.

So, If he decides after consulting you, that means he already sees a glimpse of the future with you.

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5. He is Excited To Meet You

If he is excited to meet you and wants to spend time with you occasionally, it is a sign that indicates that feeling is deep-rooted.

6. He Starts Planning For The Future With You

Couples planning for the future with you

You may not realize it, but while talking, if he has slipped for planning events and trips with you in the future, it is a sign that he loves you. You might feel cheesy at the onset, but it shows he has a feeling for you.

7. He is Cool With Making a Few Sacrifices

If he is cool with making a few sacrifices like:

  • Taking care of your dog when you are out for brunch with colleagues,
  • Or he takes some of your responsibilities, it shows that he is slowly habituating towards you.

8. He Might Annoy You Often

No matter how bad or jokes he passes, if he tries to make up with you after it, it shows he wants to be with you and craves your attention.

9. He Starts Missing You

Constant texts, and phone calls, show that he misses you more than you can imagine.

With each passing day and minute, if you think he urges you to be with him and you can feel his heart pound faster way too much, it is again a subtle sign that he has fallen for you.

10. If You Can Feel Jealous If You Meet Any of Your Friends

Some amount of jealousy indicates a healthy relationship. It is even present among friends.

However; if the relationship is beyond friendship, he will feel jealous of whoever you get close to, the man or a woman, or even your BFF.

The signs could be he would get irritated if your friends break the physical boundary or are trying to flirt with you.

11. His Body Language Says It All

Our body language speaks a lot more than our words. Have you noticed that he behaves differently with you and other people?

Like, He is too comfortable with you and even tries to touch you involuntarily.

Couples slowly falling

Or hugs you often or give shoulder rubs and smiles. These are the signs of love more than friendship.

12. He Always Tries To Mention You in His Conversation

When you love someone, you always find ways to include that person in your conversation or day-to-day life.

Even if you are not physically present, your thoughts will linger in his mind, which is why he denotes another person with your name.

Most of the time, it is unintentional, and we might not even be aware of it, but the words speak our hearts.

13. He Always Tries to Patch Up With You After a Fight

When a person falls in love with you, the fight does not take an exaggerated turn; even if it takes, he is ready to apologize.

If no matter how much you fight, he is the first one to apologize and forgive and hug you gladly, it seems he has fallen for you.

14. He Starts Loving You Unconditionally

Even if you have some weird habits that other people find annoying and he accepts you and loves for it- this is a sign that reflects that he is probably falling in love with you.

Unlike others, he would never judge you for unusual things you do. Instead of finding flaws, he will love you for your uniqueness.

15. He Does Everything To Keep You Happy

Even a small gesture counts; if he is inching ahead and taking several initiatives to make you happy, his love for you is immeasurable.

A word of caution- being in love is different from being obsessive.

It might seem dreamlike, but in reality, it is cheesy; after some point, it will not make you feel right. You don’t how dark the obsession could get.

These signs show that he has fallen for you; now it’s your turn to accept or reject the proposal.


The wonderful intensity of the relationship begins with love, and then it is topped by cuddles, hugs, and romance. So, love is in the air; enjoy the phase.

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