Signs You are Begging For Love – 17 Things To Know

Love is a multi-dimensional feeling that touches the heart and invokes romance. However, the feeling gets revoked if you have to beg for it. Here are some signs that you are begging for love.

“The wrong person makes you beg for attention, affection, love, and commitment and the right person gives you these because they love you.” – Sonya Parker

1) You Feel Depressed in Front of Him

When Cupid’s arrow flies in the wrong direction without looking at the person, the unrequited love begins, and you start feeling depressed.

The hurt digs you deeper, and you get a rude shock most of the time when he does not respond to your feelings with the same excitement.

2) He Ignores You

Some signs show the relationship is going in the wrong direction, and you are no longer his priority.

  • He ignores you completely and prefers to stay more at the office or go on business trips rather than spend time with you.
  • Or he hangs out with his friends.

In such cases, you should stop begging for love.

3) Not Emotionally Available To You

He is never around you when you need him emotionally.

He will undoubtedly accompany you at a movie theatre or a party, but you feel emotional support is lacking and have to look elsewhere.

4) You Are Always Available For Him

Do you always find yourself running around your partner like a genie obeying his commands?

It is because of the lingering fear that he will leave you. By being available all the time, you are trying hard to please them but, you are devaluing yourself, and he has started taking you for granted.

5) He Cheats on You Often

Certain things are completely unacceptable in the relationship; one is cheating.

Cheating shakes the foundation of the relationship and creates a horrendous experience for the partner who is being cheated;

Innocent girl

Until and unless your partner is genuinely sorry, lingering on them is not worth it. There is no point in begging for love as the relationship has turned toxic.

6) He Starts Arguing With You Over Small Issues

Arguing does not deter the relationship, but what matters is how you both resolve the issues. If he cannot find common ground, your relationship will soon end, so stop begging for love.

7) He Starts Abusing You

Verbal or physical abuse is the biggest reason you should not linger around them.

Remember, in a relationship; you should feel secure and happy; if your self-respect is at stake, you should end it.

8) They Treat You Like a Good Friend

They Treat You Like a Good Friend

If you feel you are in deep love with your partner, but he treats you as an option, it means he is emotionally estranged from you and treats you like a good friend.

It is a one-sided affair. The sooner you realize, you will stop investing your emotions in the wrong place.

9) You Are Not Comfortable Around Him

The opposite attracts, but sometimes they can’t happily co-exist. If you both have a great bond but opposite personalities, it could cause conflict in your relationship.

For example, you are emotional and beg him for attention, but he is pragmatic and doesn’t like being available for you.

10) You Feel A Lack of Physical Contact

The lack of physical contact is one of the obvious signs that he no longer loves you:

If a man loves you, he will shower his affection on you by holding your hands and putting hands around your waist;

If he is standing at a distance with folded hands and avoids eye contact, the relationship is in the doldrums.

11) He Doesn’t Call You Back

You call him frequently times, but all calls go unanswered. It is a sign of disinterest; hence it is better to distance your love for him.

12) He Criticizes You More Than Often

If your partner criticizes you more than often, even for small things like how you have dressed up, or starts picking fights and you always end up consoling him;

These are the signs that he might be looking towards a breakup 0r if he constantly stays with a female or any other friend, it means he is finding options, so you should be begging for love.

13) If He is Avoiding You

If he avoids you on trips, the relationship is over for him. In that case, you should stop begging for love and confront him about whether he wants to continue the relationship.

14) You Are Not on His Mind

No matter how busy or swamped with his work, if he takes time for you, it indicates you are on his mind’s radar, and he will always make little effort to show he cares for you and will be there for you.

15) He Doesn’t Make Small Gestures That Point Out The Love

Small gestures speak a lot. Through small gestures, he will indicate that he cares for you.

The side effect is that you will fall in love with him repeatedly it is missing if he wants to end your relationship.

16) He Will Not Introduce You To His Gang

If he is not eager to introduce you to his gang or family members, it is a sure-shot sign that he doesn’t love you anymore, so stop bushing around him.

17) A Lot of Conversations Revolve Around

If a lot of conversations revolve around I and we element is missing. It means he is not smitten by you and does not want a serious relationship.

Final Thoughts

So you have met a man with whom you feel the time flies, but deep within, you feel uncomfortable.

These signs or hints show that he is no longer with you, so stop begging for love, raise your self-esteem, and move on because you have nothing except yourself. Stop losing yourself in the process and stand for your emotions.

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