What To Do When Your Life Sucks

Life sucks burnout is a phase that everyone passes through, yet nobody talks about it. It is a syndrome that depletes our energy cause exhaustion, and mental stress, and produces cynicism toward our work.

We learn to live with it thinking of it as a normal situation.

“Well, before answering that question, let’s tell you the telltale signals that determine whether you are stressed or not”:

  • Many times, do you feel that you don’t have control over your job or life?
  • Do you think that your remote is held by someone else?
  • Do you dread long office hours?
  • Count hours thinking about when my shift will get over?
  • Are you losing your temper?
  • Have a good bonding with everyone around you?
  • Have you stopped yourself from making friends?
  • Often look for weekends?
  • Are trivial incidents upset you?
  • Feel guilty about being overreacted?
  • Get sweaty palms?
  • Are you think that your family is not happy with you?


If you have said yes to more than nine answers, you feel your life sucks;

In this post, we will explore what to do when your life sucks? and whether you should make changes. But how? Let’s find it out.

1. Don’t Pile Up Emotions

You should bring out and acknowledge your feelings. Bottling your emotions can lead to a disastrous outcome, which at times can become irreversible.

You can even take expert help if needed or if you think nobody around you can understand.

The therapists will navigate you on how to rise above the challenges. You can even talk to a co-worker to understand what they are going through and take suggestions on responding to the situation.

2. Start Living

If you can’t take a trip, go for a stroll somewhere where you can get a dose of greenery and “Where flowers bloom, so does hope“.

Spending time with nature will refresh your mind. It will relax your mind and soothe your stress.

3. Start To Feel Comfortable

A home spa is a pampering and rejuvenating way to lower your cortisol levels and improve your looks. You can easily create your home spa by adding a few candles and scented flowers to the home.

Put on a soothing cucumber mask and essential oils. You can even try pretty nail art by taking inspiration from Instagram.

When you think that you have overdone or stretched your body far too much, take time out for a break or indulge in aromatherapy. The benefits are tremendous, including relief from stress and anxiety.

4. Buy Yourself a Gift

You can buy a small gift like an exotic box of chocolates for you or a pair of shoes or a gadget that you have been eyeing for yourself for quite a long time. It is a treat that is well-deserved, isn’t it?

5. Manage Your Stress

Keep a note of what triggers are, and make a note of them. Try to manage your stress by exercising regularly consuming a well-balanced diet, sleeping, and controlling weight; all these will help keep stress at bay.

6. Meditation

Meditation allows you to sit peacefully, take a deep breath, and rest. It is a perfect exercise for the tired mind because it soothes your nervous system, relaxes your mind, and lowers your blood pressure.

7. Go For Wellness Vacations

Traveling is not easy, as it used to be, post-pandemic. Amid constant lockdowns, road trips and stay vacations are high in demand.

So, if ever, you feel exhausted, and fatigue dons upon you go for wellness vacations.

These vacations will rejuvenate you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is similar to mental detox and a part of self-care. That’s why myriad travelers are beckoning on it.

8. Focus on the Positives

Many sites are dedicated to positivity, like ours, keep on reading it. It will instill feelings of positivity and will comfort your innermost thoughts and feelings.

9. Leave the Obsolete Thoughts

Today the millennial generation doesn’t believe in the old concept of Working hard and partying harder.

The culture is replaced with an innovative wellness concept that speaks “work well, maintain balance and sleep well.”

This understanding is instrumental and inspiring and will add comfort to your life, especially when confronted with tough challenges.

10. Take Pauses Frequently

Slow down your body and take pauses during stressful working hours. Be calm and mindful. The 38th Pauri of Japji Sahib emphasizes the point.

“Have patience like goldsmith and control your senses to achieve big in life.”


If you think that life sucks have thrown you out of balance or you feel uncertain, insecure, or lonely, grief or depression has gripped you hard, it’s time to bounce again with confidence. The post provides insight into what you can do when you feel exhausted.

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