5 Stepping Stones in a Relationship

In this post, we will explore the 5 stepping stones in a relationship and the stages of a relationship through which you can understand your relationship clearly.

Relationships start with lots of fun and excitement, and it passes through various stages. Every stage has its charm and disappointments — Let’s talk about it point by point:

What are the States of a Relationship?

  • Dating Stage or Euphoric Stage
  • Attachment Stage
  • Marriage
  • Doubt stage / Crisis Stage
  • Getting over it and merging

1. Dating Stage

It is a stage of umpteen attractions. “During this phase, we want to know about our partner and keep asking questions“, sharing thoughts, exchanging views, etc.

Many questions bother our mind:

  • What is the favorite food of your partner?
  • What is the thing that I can do to impress her?
  • Do they have a favorite hobby to pursue? If yes, what it is?
  • What kind of movie reminds you of your partner?
  • What kind of sexual fantasy does your partner have?
  • Which area should I work on to impress my partner?
  • What is their favorite kind of music?
  • What was their favorite movie when they were a child?
  • What kind of job do they like to do?
  • Who is your favorite teacher?
  • What did weekends mean?
  • What is my annoying habit?

All these questions are deeply seated in our minds, and we try to find the answers.

2. Attachment Stage

It is a honeymoon phase of a relationship when you get so attached to your partner that living without them seems to be a distant dream. Hence, during this stage, people prefer to get into live-in relationships.

Though the insecurity is massive whether the person will commit or not, and there is a risk of pregnancy, too, listening to our heart becomes the best choice.

“During this stage; we become badass and proudly share our relationship status on social media.”

3. Marriage

The third relationship stage is marriage. The old school of thought associates marriage with responsibility, deep love, and the union of souls and families.

However, the millennial generation argues that marriage is equivalent to restrictions, prohibitions, and families get involved so much that there is no privacy left.

“During this stage; the partners get frustrated and try to swap their partners.”

They become inclined and attached to other partners. It is the time when the physical attraction is over, and marriages turn into a joke.

4. Crisis Stage

The partners doubt each other and pin-point each other for their failures. The narcissism in the relationship creeps in, and staying together becomes a mess.

“During this phase, most relationships break and take the form of divorce.”

It is a stage of grief. It all happens when communication becomes barred, and a gap appears.

Self-esteem becomes important, and ego creeps in. Either the partner becomes overly possessive or leaves totally. To overcome this stage of grief:

  • You should communicate or openly discuss with your partner rather than staying mum.
  • Sometimes, low self-worth can prompt your partner to cheat, so get it resolved by appreciating their self-worth and identifying their strengths.
  • Leave the ego aside before talking to the partner.
  • Keep an eye on red flags. Men, in general, become attracted to other women, but in such cases, don’t be worried or get angry, try to find their loyalties. But look at his activities.

However; if the phase turns out to be worse and your partner starts abusing you or lowers your confidence, you should not suffer it silently.

Your partner has no right to blame you for your mistakes and faults. It is a big sign of an unhealthy relationship.

5. Getting Over it and Merging

The relationship levels sometimes get punctuated with fear and dilemma, but that does not mean the end is near. Communication is the safest tool to break the ice and overcome barriers.

“Have a healthy conversation with your partner about his likes/dislikes, relationship gaps, and abuse that you are facing.”

Create a chart, journalize the matters, and do anything that can help you save the relationship. Your partner has no right to manipulate you according to your whims.

A great relationship is about two things, first appreciating the similarities and second, respecting the differences.

5 Stepping Stones in a Relationship!

Stepping Stones in a Relationship

Now, when you have entered into a relationship, there are various milestones that you have to achieve to succeed.

1. Emotional Connection

A deep emotional connection is not built when you fall in love with your partner. It is constructed when you and your turbulent face times and choose not to give up on each other. It is the key to a successful and long-lasting relationship.

2. The Insecurities

Then comes another milestone when you start questioning the sanctity of the relationship and feel that your significant other is way too evolved in other things and does not want to spend time with you.

It questions your relationship and compatibility with them. You feel like breaking the ties and barging ahead for wholehearted love.

3. Tough and Challenging Times

Life is not meant to be easy. Every relationship comes under scrutiny, and if it can meet tough and challenging life situations, the tough times will wane away.

Acceptance and Forgiveness, communication, and open and honest talks are the keys to creating a successful relationship.

4. Decided to Stay in Unison

The relationship problems may creep you away for a while, and you might start thinking negatively about each other.

However, the strong emotional bond you created during the introductory phase will be tested, and if the bond is strong, you can surpass challenges and shower unconditional love.

5. Again Become Close to Each Other

When you have a strong connection, the relationship becomes pleasant, and you start loving each other again.

It will only happen if you let go of certain things, go with the flow, and accept the person as he is.

You might hate and speak negatively about each other, but from deep within the heart, you wish to stay close.

Relationship Advice For Every Stage

These are five relationship stages however, there are certain rules to follow and pursue ahead in the game:

  • Don’t get emotionally broken, or devoid of confidence; stand up for yourself.
  • A relationship is not a single person’s responsibility. Both have to shower, love, care, and affection.
  • Never name-call your partner, even during the initial stages.
  • Threats are a dangerous sign; never feel bowed or pressured towards them because if your partner loves you, they will not resort to threats.

Bottom Line

A healthy relationship is a matter of acceptance — if you accept your partner wholeheartedly, then, Happily ever after will not be a fairytale.

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