7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You (Actually More)

It’s natural to wonder if someone is constantly thinking about you especially if you are in a close relationship or have very strong emotional and physical connections with them.

  • Have you ever felt the urge to smile without any reason?
  • Do you feel sudden vibes without even meeting that person?

These intuitive signals might force you to think that a person is thinking about you — Here we have collected many more signs that will strengthen your belief.

7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You!

1. They Remember Important Dates

When somebody is into you, he usually remembers all the important dates.

It is not a coincidence to be brushed off, but it signals that you are always on his mind.

Think how often you have forgotten some important milestone in someone’s life. Perhaps more than once!

But if someone is on the top of your mind, you don’t need reminders, alarms, or Facebook notifications.

It’s there, buried in your memory. Though some people are naturally good at remembering things, events, and special occasions, most of the time, love does not make you forget about the events.

So, next time someone wishes you a happy birthday or anniversary, don’t think of it as random.

It is a telepathic sign that they are trying to enhance the relationship.

2. You Feel The Vibes

Have you ever felt the vibes: positive or negative? Well, we all do.

Imagine you are about to start your job, and instead of getting excited, you feel negative about it.

Something is pulling you not to pursue it further, or there is a general feeling of uneasiness around somebody.

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It signals that maybe the person is thinking the same about you. By overthinking, they create barrier vibes, and somehow, it reaches you.

It is not a feeling that you should just go away with it.

It is a sign that your intuition is guiding you and sending you a signal that someone is thinking about you negatively.

3. If Your Name Pops Up Often On Your Tongue

Have you ever noticed how often you pop up a person’s name from your tongue, even by mistake?

It signals that the person is often on your mind and hence on your tongue.

Even a slight utterance of their name will refresh your memories and make you think harder about them.

Sometimes it is unintentional, and your heart speaks volumes about your infinite love for them.

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4. There Is A Sudden Outburst Of Emotions

The sudden outburst of emotions indicates you have been running in their mind.

Let’s take an example to discuss it.

How often do mothers come to know that their child is in trouble and start crying?

One main reason could be they have been thinking about their child all the while, and now that he is in danger or has been hurt, she knows it.

Even researchers and scientists acknowledge that mothers are highly intuitive, and there have been documentary cases to support it.

To end the point, not even the mothers who are in deep love and care for us might cry or smile for no reason. It is because you have been thinking about them all the while.

5. They Will Text You At Random Times

If someone thinks about you a lot, they will text you randomly or will try to make a connection with you.

But don’t consider it a random gesture because it is a little reminder of what is happening in their mind, and they are making it feel obvious by texting.

It could be a simple text message like “How are you?” “What are you doing?” It could be as blissful as I love you or I miss you.

Either way, it is a small gesture that will make a big impact and make you feel wanted or cared for.

6. Your Body Turns In A Specific Direction

When someone has constant thoughts about you, will it be visible in their actions too? Thinking how?

Well, their emotions will invoke energy and give direction to your body.

Your subconscious mind will move in that direction unintentionally, like moving your feet or body toward the person sending you likable vibes or crossing your feet towards the person’s direction.

You do it unwillingly, but it happens because there is more than just communication between the two souls.

7. Find Him Sitting Close To You Often

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Your crush is sitting next to you, and it’s not once or twice; it’s happening more than that.

Would you call it luck? It might look like a fortune or dream turned into reality. However, it is not the case to be.

The person is consciously attempting to sit with you, and you are constantly lingering in his mind.

You can call it a soul connection or a pull that gravitates you towards them or vice versa.

Ultimately, he is into you and can’t stop thinking about you.

8. You Blush

If the person’s name makes you feel blushed or embarrassed without reason,

It indicates that something beyond friendship is brimming within you and is a clear sign that you are in his thoughts.

Remember, if a person is inclined to you, he will send positive energy vibrations, reaching you soon and tapping your subconscious mind.

You will get attracted to them without knowing what is happening between you. The physical signs are the consequence of it.

9. Hiccups

An old-school theory believes that if someone is thinking about you, you will get hiccups.

So, let’s label it that way if you find hiccupping yourself without any medical reason, then it could probably be someone thinking of you.

Hiccups make you aware of what is happening in your subconscious world.


If someone loves you, he might not say in words or actions.

It might be expressed as energy like the person might not stop thinking about you, and we are gifted enough to sense these energies.

So, if someone constantly thinks about you without reason, you can easily feel it with the above-mentioned signs.

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