Signs God is Protecting You From a Bad Relationship

God has always been our savior and protector in the form of gut instincts. But we often ignore it by not relying on it — Here are some signs that indicate god is protecting you from a bad relationship.

7 Signs God is Protecting You From a Bad Relationship!

1) If The Person Starts Showing His Ugly Signs Early in The Relationship and Leaves You

It might cause heartbreak and depression at the onset, but it indicates that God is protecting you from falling into the wrong hands.

Perhaps you might have thought the relationship would end up in marriage, or perhaps this was the guy you wished to spend your life with.

But then, suddenly, they cut you down from your life, and you start thinking about where the relationship went wrong.

Was I at fault? Etc. Punctuate your thoughts. That person didn’t change overnight.

It was the same all this time, but you failed to recognize the ugly symptoms. In kindness, God allowed you to see his dark side early so that he could protect you from a bad relationship.

2) If Your Family And Friends Concerns About Him End up Being Right

When people warn us about getting involved with a certain person but do not pay heed to it, thinking it’s our life and we are under no pressure to obligate them and, in the end, they prove to be right.

However, since you are in love, you might get blindfolded by their wrong actions and warning signs, but others can see it.

At that time, don’t feel humiliated about the relationship; consider it as a warning sign or confirmation from God that the relationship is over, and it is a sign that he is protecting you.

If everyone was happy with the relationship and saw no red flags, and then the relationship failed, it would be far more confusion about what happened.

But if those near you had concerns about the relationship, it is a sure sign that God is saving you from trouble and protecting you.

3) If A Person You Had a Crush On Starts Dating Someone Else, It is a Sign That God is Protecting You

God has various subtle ways of telling you that the person is not right for you.

When you have a huge crush on someone and want to start a new journey, they suddenly start dating someone else.

Things might fall apart in your mind. But believe us; it is a sign that God is protecting you from danger.

Because the right things happen to the right people, as time goes by, you will begin to heal and understand that whatever happened is for good.

Imagine you had been into a relationship with them, and then he left you midway or started dating someone else.

4) If You Pray For a Relationship, But It Does Not Turn Over

If we pray for a relationship to last long, but it does not turn the way we want.

It doesn’t mean the person was bad. Rather it is safe to conclude that the relationship might not have been God’s best for you.

This person might turn out to be a great husband or wife one day but is not meant to be your spouse.

5) If You Feel They Are Using You

Regarding relationships, we all want our partners to treat us like a priority and not take advantage of or manipulate us.

God see you together

When you go near or date, you feel he is only interested in money, status, sex, or other resources you have;

It is a sign that God is protecting you from a disastrous relationship. A person who is there with you for money, sex, etc., doesn’t think they will respect you or be honest with you.

They are manipulative at heart, and God has their own ways of warning you.

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6) Your Gut Tells You It

You may turn a blind eye to their manipulation, thinking they are good enough for you, or you don’t want to end the relationship or be paranoid.

But listen to your guts. If something is wrong, your gut will speak, and that’s when God warns you from entering into a bad relationship.

7) You Don’t Feel Yourself Around Them

If you are not happy around them, I mean, you feel yourself boxed or caged up, pull up your socks;

It is a warning sign that God is preventing mishaps, and for God’s sake, you should end the relationship.


God always best our interests in his mind. We might not agree with his judgments and start delving into why this has happened to me or why me but wait for a while and believe in him because he is the only one who can protect us from bad times and help us recover.

He will answer all your prayers, but you must surrender to God’s will.

Surrender your worries to God, and you will find strength.

As 1 John 5:14 states, have confidence in God, that if we ask him anything, he will hear us. If God does answer any of our prayers, it is not in alignment with his will.

As someone said — miracles happen to those who believe in them. Start believing in his power and express gratitude rather than complaining.

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