12 Signs Of Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey accompanied by hiccups and interventions.

It is that time when each woman needs extensive physical and emotional support from her husband.

The hormone transition makes her more vulnerable to mood swings, cravings, and sudden outbursts of emotions.

The good news is it can be handled well, and the rage emotions can be destroyed with the husband’s support.

But every one of us is not lucky to have a supportive husband who shoulders his responsibilities equally well.

12 Signs of an Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy!

So, here we are, forewarning signals of unsupportive husbands during pregnancy who falter to stay responsible at this crucial time of the year.

1. He Is Insensitive To Your Needs

The husband should be equally excited about the new phase of life.

If your partner does not partake in the responsibilities or is insensitive to your needs,

It is a sign of an unsupportive partner. His stark remarks could wrack your nerves and make you feeble.

2. He Becomes Irritated

Every pregnancy phase brings in a lot of challenges. For example:

  • In the first 3 months, you will experience morning sickness, food cravings, and fatigue.
  • And in the second trimester, you may experience leg cramps, urine infection, a growing belly, and skin discoloration,
  • And in the third phase, you are likely to experience high urination.

All these are byproducts of pregnancy. Even after undergoing so many tribulations,

if your partner does not help you but shouts at you or even becomes furious, it signals an unsupportive husband.

3. Lack of Interest

The most obvious sign that your partner is not into you is your lack of interest in the changes you undergo.

“Supportive husbands” are wary of their partner and can feel what you are feeling at any point.

Secondly, he is least interested in asking about your due dates or does not even know the pregnancy trimester.

4. He Makes You Feel Emotional Distance

If you feel emotionally distant from your partner or he makes you feel alone.

It is a signal that this pregnancy journey would be quite difficult.

Young pregnant women

For example, he makes plans for holidays or weekend parties without considering the stage you are in or leaves you all alone in the home even after knowing what you are passing through.

5. He Consistently Cribs About Your Mistakes

Pregnancy is when a woman needs to stay jubilant to keep her child fit and active.

Despite that, if your husband overtly points out your mistakes and cribs for them, then he is an unsupportive husband who won’t be a responsible father.

6. He Steps Into The Shoes of Mother In Law

We all know the classic breed of mother-in-law and how she poisons the daughter-in-law’s life by — pointing out the mistakes, interfering in her personal life, checking her whereabouts, and noticing even the minute of wrongdoings.

Suppose your husband steps in her shoes and starts criticizing you like her rather than piquing interest in your day-to-day chores and helping out. He is an unsupportive husband.

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7. He Shrieks at Responsibilities

A responsible husband educates her wife about her food habits, helps her battle morning sickness, is sensitive to her overwhelming desires, and always responds to her kindly.

If the husband does not treat or encourage you right, it is a sign of an irresponsible husband.

8. He Is Constantly In Her Mother’s Forearms

While the joint family is so common in India that we often hear the repercussions of it.

If you have a married mama boy, you might face many problems, including being overindulgent with his mother and not understanding how to strike a balance between the two.

During the pregnancy, it is you who needs him the most, and if he fails to understand and you find a lot of bigotry and prejudice —  it is a signal that your husband is not supportive.

9. He Advises You For Abortion

Pregnancy makes you more vulnerable, and by now, you might have already acquired the qualities of a mother, as your protective instinct has risen to the queer, and at such time if your husband nags you for abortion or to dismantle pregnancy.

Pregnant-Women with husband
Source  by: Pexels Images

It is tough and signals that he is an unsupportive husband with a fragile ego.

10. He Does Not Acknowledge Your Emotions

Pregnancy brings in a heavy turmoil of emotions.

A supportive husband acknowledges it and stays true to the relationship while juxtaposing it with an unsupportive husband;

They are engrossed in their own lives and occupations that they fail to acknowledge and appreciate what is going on with their lives.

As a result, you might feel disrespected or hurt.

11. Not Pampering You

A little bit of pampering might swaddle you with joy and cherished memories.

If your partner does not pamper you in those moments and you feel exhausted, it is a sure tell-tale sign that he is not the one for you.

12. Emotional Disconnect

If you feel that your husband is alien to your emotions and you feel disconnected from him in different aspects, he is unsupportive.

How To Deal With Unsupportive Husbands During Pregnancy?

Handling a baby and an unsupportive partner during pregnancy seems like a chore, but you can deal with it:

  • Talking to him: A direct conversation can make you understand the reasons behind the behavior. Sometimes, your partner is dealing with something major, or he is preoccupied with an important project, and that’s why he cannot spend time with you.
  • Ask him for support: Maybe he is an old-school guy who does not understand that pregnancy is a journey that involves a team. You might have to work hard to make him understand that.
  • Ignore: If nothing else works, ask for help from parents or relatives rather than relying on him.

Winding Up

A successful marriage is vocal about love, and it is translated into actions.

During the pregnancy, you might need it the most and if you feel it absent, sign that you are in touch with an unsupportive husband who can disturb your peace of mind in the future and will inject toxicity.

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