12 Signs an Inmate Really Loves You: Take a Look!

The tell-tale signals always remain, and in that distance, the love blossoms. So, let’s open the signs that the inmate loves you.

If you have fallen in love with an inmate or your favourite go-to partner is behind bars, you might feel ripped apart, but the love never dies. It never fades!

Have you ever heard of the clique – Hate crime and not criminals?

12 Signs an Inmate Really Loves You!

1. He doesn’t ask you to do more

Since inmates are in restricted capacity; they can ask you to do enormous favours which sometimes are beyond your whims too.

Inmate Men Love

But if an inmate loves you truly wholeheartedly, he won’t ask much of the favours. Your presence delights him and makes them feel like he is on cloud nine.

2. Their eyes speak of love

Love is never expressed in words. It is defined through the eyes and can be seen naked many times. If the inmate has fallen in love, he might not kneel to show it to express themselves.

Their eyes will light up, they smile, the frown wanes away, and the atmosphere becomes romantic. The vibe can be felt if not seen!

3. They never try to control you emotionally

Since you both are at a distance, they can play mind games with you or try to control you emotionally. For example:

– You are not allowed to express opinions

If the inmate does not love you, he might try to control you emotionally and inhibit you from expressing your opinions or having a say in all your decisions.

If you constantly find yourself seeking approvals, it indicates the inmate does not love you; rather, he is emotionally abusive.

– Criticizes you often

Suppose the inmate you see too often is always in complaint mode, criticizes your actions, or tries to belittle you or make negative comments about your appearance or choices.

In that case, you need to be careful. They are trying to control your behaviour emotionally, which is not an indicator of love.

– He tries to dictate to you

If the inmate tries to dictate or pass unsolicited advice about how much and what you should do or feel caged in their presence; stop that is not love. You are not entitled to adhere to decisions imposed on you.

– Feel guilty

You will notice that you feel free with someone who truly loves you.

Conversely, in an emotionally abusive relationship, the partner makes you feel guilty if you don’t follow their expectations. You have the right to choice and should not be guilty or ashamed about it.

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4. He makes plans with you

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Though the future is uncertain, none knows when the end is near. Still, we make plans and add those who we love the most.

If the inmate is head over heels for love with you, you will be a part of his plans. The dreams may recede since they are imprisoned, but you are always a part of them.

5. He will never manipulate you

Manipulation shuns love and creates a void in a relationship. It is not a sign of love if the inmate changes its colour very often or does not ply with their words.

6. He will make an effort for you

Though he is imprisoned and can’t do much legwork to impress you, he will make you feel you are special to him in certain ways.

These efforts will strengthen the relationship and validate that he has fallen for you.

7. He tries to compose you

The inmate might not be able to hug or caress you when you are in distress, but he often tries to cool you down with his pertinent behaviour. He squeezes stress and brings in a flood of happiness and joy.

8. He advises you to get around and be with someone

Since the person is behind the bars and is serving the period; he might advise you not to wait, start your life once again, and bring love back into your life by marrying or dating someone who wants to see you settled.

9. He does not stop talking when you are in front

Do you know even the most introverted people talk a lot when they are with someone they love with no filters attached?

So, even if an inmate does not express his love upfront, he can’t stop talking to you; it is a sign of true love and comfort that you have developed in a relationship.

10. He writes thoughtful letters for you

Even when you are not around; the only thing that comes to their mind is you, uttered through letters. It indicates a love beyond comprehension.

11. He tries to add a fun element to the conversation

The conversation can become monotonous and long with people you don’t like to indulge with, but if an inmate loves you,

he will try to kick the conversation with playful teasing and romantic words that might make you feel “special.”

12. He promises to bring a change, which you notice in their behaviour

Do you know people go miles apart for someone whom they love? So, if an inmate loves, you will notice the changed behaviours soon.


While these signs are not a discourse that an inmate loves you, they surely indicate the relationship is not limited to friendship. In the end, we would like to say:

Love does not mean to be perfect. It just means to be true.

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