Why Do You Get Sleepy Around Someone You Love? – 17 Reasons

Do you know we feel sleepy around someone whom we love? Here, we have a few reasons to validate our point.

Feeling butterflies in your stomach or sudden joy that overshadows all your sorrows is a common indicator of being in love.

Why Do You Get Sleepy Around Someone You Love?

1. You Feel Comfortable Around Them

Unrequited love brings in a lot of emotional challenges and physical problems:

  • You might feel anxious or deeply stressed knowing that the person doesn’t equate you with the same love in return.
  • Loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, and sudden chest pangs are some side effects.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with someone:

  • you feel a calming effect.
  • Your body naturally relaxes, stress levels go down, and there is a spike in the feel-good hormone, thus making you feel sleepy around them.

2. Slow Heart Rate

We often mimic people with whom we are in love. Unconsciously, their actions and behaviors tend to overpower us and we start behaving the same without even realizing it.

If your heart skips on seeing your loved one or you feel sleepy, the meaning is similar to Love.

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So if your partner sighs or breathes slowly, their breathing pattern becomes your own which might prepare your body for sleep.

3. The Hormone Oxytocin is Responsible For This Feeling

When we are around someone we love, our brain releases a hormone called oxytocin that makes us feel happy and relaxed. The hormone makes us feel drowsy, and we tend to yawn.

4. Their Perfume

Science has proved that certain scents have a calming impact on your brain, inducing relaxation.

And if your loved one wears such a scent, being around them will definitely make you feel sleepy and relaxed.

5. You Feel Secure and Protected Around Them

One possible explanation behind the yawn could be that you feel safe and secure in their presence.

It is a well-known fact if you are not comfortable around someone, you tend to become more vigilant and keen;

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However, if you feel safe and protected, the unknown feeling wanes away, and it relaxes your brain. It, in turn, makes you feel drowsy.

6. You Won’t Be Judged or Criticized

Being judged make us feel conscious and uncomfortable. That is why we don’t feel sleepy around such people.

Whereas our beloved or close family members; give us a reason to smile, feel comfortable and relaxed.

7. The Voice Makes You Feel Sleepy

If your loved one has a melodious voice, that might put you in a deep state of trance. The slow, steady rhythm may force you to take a nap.

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8. Your Heart Rate and Breathing Sync Together

Your heart rate and breathing get synced when you come close to people you love. Scientists believe that these two processes are linked together.

Your breathing can impact your heart rate and vice versa. In medical terms, it’s called respiratory arrhythmia.

When we are stressed, our bodies produce fear and flight hormone, making breathing difficult; you feel nauseatic and restless.

On the other hand, our body stays happy and relaxed with someone to whom we feel connected.

9. Love is Like a Drug

Cuddling generates a similar kind of experience to drugs. It gets you high, and you start to yawn.

You might even notice that your eyes become moist and slow down because the love relaxes your brain.

10. Neurotransmitters are to be Blamed For it

Chemical surges often accompany these transmitters, and that’s how you feel sleepy around people you love.

11. Because They Accept You

Everyone faces rejection in their life, making us believe unworthy of ourselves. Moving on could be an immediate option, but it is easier said than done.

Since your partner accepts you in any way, you feel comfortable with them, which might make you sleepy.

12. You Engage in Exhausting Activities

If you are with your partner, you might talk more, touch more, smile often, or play games that suck your energy and leave you tired.

It could also be due to your partner making the activity more engaging and exhausting. This exhaustion could be the cause of sleep and tiredness.

13. Chemical Bonding

One more interesting explanation is why you feel drowsy around your partner.

When two people are in love, the body releases serotonin and dopamine hormone that could make you feel more sleepy than normal.

14. It Could be Because of Boredom

On the flip side, if you find your partner boring, it might also make you feel sleepy, and the best way to overcome it is to communicate with your partner.

Tell them how you feel tactfully or plan some activity that hooks both of you productively.

15. They Make us Feel Good About Ourselves

It is a natural phenomenon that when someone makes us feel good, we feel safe, secure, and comfortable, pushing us toward sleep.

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16. It Might be Due to the Comfy Clothing That You Wear

Comfy clothing that you wear might also ignite sleep. The woolen sweatshirts or yoga pants can contribute to why you feel sleepy around your partner.

17. You Might Feel Stressed in Front of Him

Stress induces several negative feelings:

  • It is a barrier to communication.
  • If you feel worried around your partner or ripped apart.
  • If you are putting a lot of effort into carrying out the plans or you have dating issues.
  • You will never stay relaxed with your partner, and stress and boredom might force you to take a nap.
  • You want to prevent an unfortunate incident, or you want to run away from the situation for a while.
But note that it is normal. Struggling in a relationship does not mean it is soon going to fade.

It’s a phase that will pass off. Until then, tuck yourself tight in the arms of your loved one, cuddle them a little, and give them a hug they might need.


Love is a feeling that confuses us most of the time. Sometimes it excites us and gives us energy; sometimes we feel sleepy around the one we love.

The reasons could be endless. It could be the protection and care you provide, the chemical reaction it generates, etc. Above all, the bond you share matters.

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